On our pilot we helped The Dziko Project in Zambia to save the life of 117 dogs and two cats sterilizing them. So that’s how we decided to help other organizations, associations and sanctuaries.

On this season we’re helping Refugi La Vedruna a sanctuary here in Barcelona.

Refugio La Vedruna

“Association Refugi La Vedruna was born in 2018 as an ONG in Barcelona. We’re an altruistic project that wants to help animals who have suffered from abandonment, abuse or exploitation of any kind so we can give them a second chance to be loved and have a good future.

Our focus are “exotics” animals, because there are not a lot of associations to help those animals. So almost all the residents in our sanctuary ara rabbits, rats, tortoises, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc…

Also, we work to raise awareness about the cruel reality of this animals so we can build a more empathetic world for everyone.”

“Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust was founded in 1983, in Zambia, and rescues and rehabilitates chimpanzees coming from bushmeat and illegal pet trade. The 140 chimpanzees at Chimfunshi live in large forested enclosures, all together sum 900 acres and makes Chimfunshi the largest chimpanzee sanctuary of the world. Every night, the chimpanzees will make their own nest, up on the trees, and will sleep under the starry African sky. Chimfunshi has been in lockdown since April 1st and needs your help to keep providing care to their resident chimps, and to chimpanzees in need waiting to be rescued.”