We start from the point that we don’t want to hurt nobody to make our products. So, everything is vegan!

All our products are made with recycled material or ecological material and printed with ecological inks.

If you can give something to the world, wouldn’t you give it? We think everybody has something to provide and with every act we can improve someone’s life.

What is "Empatia, please"?

Empatía, please. is a charity online shop.

Here you’ll find fashion.

In this season we are helping  Refugi La Vedruna with 10% of the profit of every product and plus the 50% of the profit of the ones with the design “I Still Have Faith In Humanity”.

We work ON DEMAND. So this way we only produce what people consume  and we’re not generating more waste. Also, we can offer more sizes and colors. Once you make your order, we produce and send it to you within two weeks.

If you have any question send us an email t hola@empatiaplease.com


With our first batch of shirts we help sterilize dogs in Kitwe, Zambia.

117 sterilized dogs + 2 sterilized cats

and rabies vaccines, deworming, wound treatment and 1kg of food.